MicroTrac Cooling Tower Controller from Pulsafeeder

MicroTrac, Cooling Tower Controller, Pulsafeeder

MicroTrac, Cooling Tower Controller, PulsafeederThe MicroTrac is a microprocessor based feed and bleed toroidal conductivity controller designed to control conductivity and feed inhibitor in cooling tower systems. Featuring innovative toroidal sensor technology, the MicroTrac provides an economical control platform that is not susceptible to sensor fouling and never requires calibration!

Optional pre-wired receptacles for the relays and an optional pre-wired flowswitch make installation a breeze.

The MicroTrac conductivity controller has a 0 - 9,999 µS/cm range, making it ideal for other applications as well, such as rinse, industrial process, wastewater, etc.

The MicroTrac measures the conductivity of the cooling tower recirculating water via a toroidal conductivity sensor. The controller activates two independent relay outputs based on a bleed and feed mode of operation. When the conductivity measurement goes above the user-defined set point, the two relays are activated until the conductivity drops below the set point and the fixed differential value, or until the user, programmable limit times for feed or bleed are exceeded.

MicroTrac Series Product Scope

  • Selectable rising or falling setpoint for open or closed loop control

  • Water Meter Pulse Timer

  • Percent Timer

  • % Post Bleed timer

  • Limit Timer