Foster Sliding Vane Pumps From Pulsafeeder

Foster, Sliding Vane Pumps, PulsafeederSince 1845, FOSTER has excelled in the specialized liquids market through attention to the ever changing details of customer requirements. FOSTER entered the field with unique, efficient, and reliable pumps in previously unsolved applications, and has continued to meet the challenges of liquid products evolution with creative custom applications and dedication to quality.

Industrial Construction

Efforts to achieve cost effective custom pump applications have led to Foster development of “standard” pump component designs which can be combined to tailor an economical pump unit to meet specific customer requirements. And something else that is standard in Foster pumps is durability. Foster’s “standard” pump designs coupled with individual application engineering attention and high manufacturing standards assure: an energy efficient pump, a durable pump application, and a cost effective pump application for the customer’s needs.

Application Expertise

Typical applications for the FOSTER Pump include sugar refining, food products, paints & inks, petroleum, pulp and paper, pitch, and textiles.

FOSTER Series Product Scope

  • Flows to 1,000 gpm (4,546 lpm)

  • Pressures to 250 psi (17.24 bar)

  • Temperatures to 500° F (260° C)

  • Viscosities to 200,000 SSU